Active Pursuit of Excellence

Active Pursuit of Excellence


"Being active improves self-esteem,
leadership and team skills, and fosters
higher academic achievement."



Strategic Priorities for Outcome Six:

Update the Alberta Sport Plan using the Canadian Sport for Life model.

Support coaching, volunteer and sport science systems in alignment with the Canadian Sport for Life model.

Support a coordinated, collaborative, and accountable approach to hosting of sporting events in Alberta which will provide Alberta athletes and coaches with a home field advantage, and the opportunity for youth to be inspired by their heroes.

Consistent with the Olympic Legacy MOU signed between the Alberta Government and the British Columbia Government, continue to develop Olympic Legacy Utilization Strategies.







What will success look like in ten years?

Alberta is consistently ranked in the top 4 in Canada Games performance/medal points, and in the number of nationally carded athletes.

Alberta communities regularly host regional, national and international events in Canada.

Alberta's community-level facility designs are aligned with long term athlete development principles. Organized sport works together to achieve shared outcomes, so that Albertans understand the value and benefits of sport.

Sport organizations at all levels collaborate to create athletic and volunteer opportunities. For example, the system encourages athletes and volunteers to transfer their skills across sports.

Community sport, school sport, and club sport systems collaboratively support athlete development opportunities for Alberta's youth.

Alberta's educational institutions and municipalities have integrated the principles of the Canadian Sport for Life model into their facility designs, programs, services, and educational standards.

Last reviewed/revised: December 9, 2013