Albertans enjoy a high quality of life, improved health and wellness, strong communities, economic benefits and personal fulfillment through recreation, active living and sport.

Guiding Principles

A number of key principles inform this policy and guide the Government of Alberta in identifying outcomes and priority actions. They are:

Accessibility and inclusion: Recreation, active living and sport opportunities should respect and respond to the diverse needs and abilities of individuals, families, and communities

Citizenship: Leadership and engaged citizenship are greatly enhanced through participation in recreation, active living and sport opportunities

Holistic benefits: Recreation, active living and sport contribute to the physical, mental, social and spiritual health and well-being of Albertans, contribute to personal growth, self discovery and lifelong learning

Knowledge-based decision-making: Government of Alberta decisions will be informed by evidence, experience and the examination of promising practices

Partnership and collaboration: Recreation, active living and sport depend on solid partnerships and a sharing of responsibility among the Government of Alberta, the non-profit sector, the private sector, other governments and Albertans

Pursuit of excellence: Albertans have the opportunity to pursue athletic excellence

Quality of Life: Recreation, active living and sport are vital components of Albertans' quality of life

Last reviewed/revised: December 9, 2013