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Updated January 13, 2009

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Green Shield Award Steward Service Excellence Award
Campground Host Hospitality Award Outstanding Individual Steward Award
Special Event Volunteerism Award (new award) Outstanding Group Steward Award
Facility Enhancement Award Teamwork Award
Parks & Protected Areas Achievement Award Staff Lifetime Volunteerism Achievement Award
Partnership Appreciation Award Volunteer Leadership Award

Please respond to the following questions as completely as possible. During deliberations to determine the successful nomination(s) for each award category, the sub-committee will be primarily basing its selections on the information you provide below, so the thoroughness of your submission below bears considerable impact. Separate written submission are permissible, as long as the submission includes a response to all the questions below, and the entire submission in no longer than two pages in its entirety.

What has been the extent of the nominee's involvement with Parks and Protected Areas (locations, duration, types of involvement)?

How has the nominee contributed to Alberta's parks and/or protected areas in an outstanding way, through their involvement within PPA's volunteer program?

What makes this nominee stand out in comparison to others doing similar activities in the province?

Provide an actual example of how the nominee has made a real difference in the park or protected area they are affiliated with, through the PPA volunteer program?

Thank you for assisting us in celebrating the successes of the Parks and Protected Areas Volunteer Program!

For more information about Volunteering in Alberta's Outdoors email Parks Volunteer .