The 2013 Sport Plan process

The Alberta Sport Plan renewal will be led by Tourism, Parks and Recreation with the support of an Advisory Committee. The process will involve extensive consultation with Albertans and stakeholders from across the spectrum of Sport in Alberta.

Guiding the Alberta Sport Plan consultation throughout the entire process will be the Alberta Sport Plan Advisory Committee.

Pre-Forum Consultation - an online survey where Albertans can identify broad priorities for sport across Alberta. Broad priorities will be based on outcomes identified in the Canadian Sport Policy 2012:

  • Physical Literacy - the ability of an individual to move with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities in different setting that benefit the healthy development of the individual.
  • Introduction to Sport - participants are introduced to the fundamentals of sport through program delivered primarily by clubs and schools, and local recreation departments.
  • Recreational Sport - individuals participate in organized and/or unorganized sport programs or activities. Participants are motivated by fun, health, social interaction and relaxation.
  • Competitive Sport - programming is focused on facilitating the pursuit of competitive objectives by participants, and is organized and regulated within an agreed upon set of rules and codes of conduct.
  • High Performance Sport - the most talented athletes perform at the highest levels of competition. Athletes require highly-specialized coaching, facilities, and athlete services.
  • Sport for Development - Recognizing the sport participation in all contexts contributes to community building in a wide variety of ways, sport is being used intentionally with increasing frequency, for social and economic development purposes.

The survey was completed between August 27 and October 11, 2013.

Alberta Sport Forum - An event to bring together stakeholders from across the spectrum of sport in Alberta. The forum would help identify the issues and opportunities facing sport in Alberta, as well as, the potential solutions and actions to address the issues. The forum will provide the necessary base information to renew the Alberta Sport Plan.

Focused Conversations - building on top priority issues and opportunities identified at the Alberta Sport forum, conversations will be held across the province focusing on:

  • Summarizing input provided at the Sport Forum.
  • Examining in detail the priorities identified from the Forum.
  • Identify the players requires to address the priority.
  • Examine potential solutions and actions to address the priorities.

Draft Plan Feedback - Following extensive consultation through the Survey, the Forum and Focused Conversations, a draft plan will be developed. Once the plan and corresponding action plan have been developed they will be posted online to ask:

  • Did we capture what stakeholders said?
  • Do the priorities make sense?
  • Will the proposed actions result in success?

Proposed Alberta Sport Plan - Following the completion of the consultation process, the a proposed Alberta Sport Plan and a draft Alberta Sport Action Plan will be delivered to government.

Last reviewed/revised: December 9, 2013