Invest in Alberta's Tourism Industry

Tourism Investment – Invest in Alberta's Tourism Industry

We are reinvesting the tourism levy to grow tourism in all regions of the province. Find out how Alberta is opening new markets – Budget 2014 ›

Alberta has a high-quality lifestyle and room for future generations to grow and thrive. We have a rich history and are known for our warm welcome to newcomers, whose contributions have helped shape the economic base and enhance the cultural and social fabric of our province.

Alberta's tourism industry generates over $7.8 billion in annual expenditures, and is supported by a range of tourism, hospitality and service-related businesses that cater to the needs of provincial, national and international tourists. Expenditures from Alberta's tourism industry are targeted to grow to over $10.3 billion in 2020. This growth is based on worldwide tourism demand and the significant historical growth in tourism that Alberta has experienced.

Visit Alberta, Canada and see its beauty and business potential for yourself. Those with entrepreneurial and business experience can benefit from the tourism investment opportunities Alberta has to offer. Learn more about what makes Alberta, Canada such an attractive place to invest and do business:

Information on Alberta

Located in Western Canada, Alberta is nearly twice the size of Germany or Japan. Its diverse landscape ranges from the rugged Canadian Rocky Mountains, through picturesque foothills, parkland and seemingly endless prairie, to the spectacular Badlands and remote northern forests.

Alberta's two major cities, Edmonton and Calgary, are cosmopolitan centres served by modern international airports. Almost two-thirds of the province's three million people live in its two major cities:

Alberta's Business Strengths

  • A strong and diversified economy
  • A globally competitive business tax environment
  • Efficient and modern infrastructure
  • Strategic access to the North American free trade market and to markets in northern Asia
  • A young, skilled and productive workforce
  • The lowest overall personal taxes in Canada
  • A government that understands and works closely with business
  • Safe communities with a superior quality of life and diverse cultures
  • Abundant natural resources, a clean environment and scenic beauty
  • No provincial sales tax

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Tourism in Alberta

Alberta's tourism industry dates back to 1885 when a large area of scenic wilderness in the Canadian Rocky Mountains was set aside as Banff National Park.

  • Alberta's tourism industry derives its strength from its magnificent scenery, service excellence and a strong private sector-government partnership.
  • Alberta offers safety and security, clean and spectacular scenery and diverse tourism experiences like outdoor adventure, wildlife viewing, shopping, cultural events and urban nightlife.
  • Alberta's tourism industry is supported by provincial, national and international visitors
  • Key international markets include Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, United Kingdom and the United States
Number of Person Visits (2011*):
Alberta 30,411,000
Other Canada


U.S.A. 775,000
All other international


Total 35,316,000

* Due to methodological changes to the 2011 Travel Survey of Residents of Canada, there is a historical break in the data series. Therefore, commencing in 2011, data for Alberta and Other Canada may not be compared with previous years.

Tourism Research and Investment – Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation

We Can Help:

Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation's Tourism Research and Investment Branch offers a variety of services for investors seeking to invest in and develop tourism projects, businesses and land in Alberta. Our interest is in helping investors and developers identify viable tourism development opportunities in the province.

With our knowledge of the resources, land base and characteristics of tourist visitation across Alberta, we can tailor our assistance to your needs. Once you decide on a particular location in the province, we will direct you to key community business contacts.

Our services are free of charge to qualified business investors.

Ensure Your Success

If you are looking to invest in Alberta, there are several things you can do to ensure a successful trip. Before traveling to Alberta to investigate tourism investment opportunities, contact:

This allows us to prepare for your arrival so that you can visit and assess opportunities best suited to your needs and interests.

  • Apply to a Canadian high commission, embassy, or consulate as early as possible if you plan to immigrate to Alberta.
  • Remember, Alberta is roughly twice the size of Germany and geographically very diverse. It is very important to see the full range of available opportunities before making a firm decision to invest in a particular area, business or property. In fact, we suggest that you make at least two trips to Alberta to investigate the opportunities.
  • Investors who wish to immigrate and establish new businesses in Alberta should have sufficient capital to ensure success. Land-based development in the province will require greater investment than other, service-based tourism businesses.
  • It is not only desirable but also beneficial to have at least two years' living expenses set aside until your business is fully developed and operating.
  • Experience in tourism and marketing is desirable and helpful if you are investing in your own tourism business.
  • Approvals may be required before a development or your new business can begin. Our staff can help you identify these approvals and provide information on how they may be obtained.

For more information contact:


Last reviewed/revised: March 6, 2014