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Tourism Destination Competitiveness Branch

The Tourism Destination Competitiveness Branch is focused on the following business priorities:

Resource Management and Development

  • Work with federal and municipal jurisdictions and Alberta provincial departments to promote tourism as an appropriate use of public and private land.
  • Work with industry stakeholders to develop and represent tourism positions during land and resource management policy, planning and implementation processes.
  • Identify and position crown land for future tourism development, including promoting the designation of land for tourism development.
  • Provide industry with information on leasing of crown land for tourism developments through the Alberta Tourism and Recreational Leasing process.
  • Work with provincial land managers, municipalities and trail groups to encourage trail and recreational corridor development.
  • Consult with Parks Canada on items of importance to Alberta's tourism industry.

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Destination Development and Product Enhancement

  • Work with Alberta municipalities and not-for-profit organizations to identify, develop or enhance tourism destinations
  • Provide expertise and information to tourism sector partners to support the development of new and expanded tourism products.
  • Develop workshops to help organizations grow their festivals and events.
  • Work with Parks Canada, Alberta Parks and Provincial Historic Sites and Museums to encourage appropriate, quality tourism experiences at these important Alberta destinations.
  • Work with industry groups and associations to develop new product lines.
  • Partner with communities to undertake Visitor Friendly Assessments.

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Tourism Research and Investment Branch

The Tourism Research and Investment Branch is focused on the following business priorities:

Tourism Business Development:

  • Provide business information and advisory services to clients who are developing new or expanded tourism products, such as: hotels, resorts, golf courses, guest ranches, ski hills, ecotourism and tourism related events.
  • Offer financial advice and facilitate client/entrepreneur access to capital.
  • Guide clients through the regulatory processes involved in tourism development projects.
  • Work with other government departments in an advocacy role to represent the interests of the tourism industry in key policy areas such as improved air access, highway signage and product development.
  • Provide advice on tourism-related economic impact assessments.

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Tourism Research:

Conducts research and provides timely, relevant information that enhances understanding of market and consumer trends. Also measures Alberta's tourism industry performance.


Tourism Investment:

  • Work with investors, developers, and the financial community to encourage and facilitate investor interest and involvement in Alberta's tourism industry.
  • Assessment and linking of investor interests and financial resources with appropriate tourism investment opportunities.
  • Maintain a database of domestic and foreign investor leads and key contacts. Organized site visits to review investment opportunities based on investor requirements and resources.
  • Generate investor interest through investment attraction activities, such as the annual Tourism Investment Symposium, the Tourism Investment website and participation at key industry investment conferences and events.
  • Proactively work with Alberta International and Intergovernmental Relations' International Offices in Beijing, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Munich, Mexico City, Taipei, Seoul and London to distribute information on tourism investment opportunities in Alberta, with the goal of attracting foreign investment.
  • Links to the Federal Government's Business Immigration Program.

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Tourism Visitor Services Branch

The Tourism Visitor Services Branch is focused on the following business priorities:

  • Supporting Travel Alberta's tourism marketing efforts through the management of the Contact/Distribution Centre, Visitor Information Centres, and the Tourism Information System (TIS).
  • Supporting community and regional visitor information centres through the Alberta Visitor Information Providers (AVIP) program.
  • Providing tourism information and travel counseling to consumers.
  • Providing training opportunities for visitor information centre travel counselors and managers.
  • Providing opportunities for tourism operators and organizations to post their product listings on

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Last reviewed/revised: December 9, 2013