Recreational Vehicle Camping in Alberta: A Demand and Supply Side Perspective

Recreational Vehicle Camping in Alberta

Tourism Research and Investment Branch of Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation commissioned a study to assess Alberta's recreational vehicle campground sector. The study was undertaken in collaboration with representatives of the Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association and the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association of Alberta.

It assesses both the supply and demand side components, and provides valuable information to assist those involved with the RV campground sector with their business planning and decision making. The study notes that RV camping continues to be a popular activity in Alberta, with Albertans having one of the highest rates of RV ownership in North America.

It reveals there are opportunities to offer more services and facilities to cater to RV enthusiasts with the goal of helping to build a stronger RV camping sector in Alberta. For additional information on the study, please contact:

Mr. Bill Hodgins, Manager
Tourism Business Competitiveness and Investment
780-427-6485 or

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Last reviewed/revised: December 9, 2013