Tourism Statistics

In Alberta:

  • The total number of person-visits to Alberta in 2011* was 35.32 million.
  • Of the 35.32 million person-visits to Alberta, residents of Alberta accounted for approximately 86%. Residents of other Canadian provinces accounted for 10%, and international visitors accounted for 4%.
  • Approximately 41% of all visits in the province included at least one overnight stop in Alberta, yielding 14.4 million overnight person-visits in 2011.
  • Across all markets in 2011, the visiting friends and relatives segment represented approximately 42% of all overnight visits in the province.

* Due to methodological changes to the 2011 Travel Survey of Residents of Canada, there is a historical break in the data series. Therefore, commencing in 2011, data for Alberta and Other Canada may not be compared with previous years.

For more information:

  • Alberta Tourism Market Monitor & Highlights

    Provincial-level statistics on visitor numbers, tourism revenue, the accommodation sector as well as employment and highway vehicle count data.

  • Tourism Regions

    Regional statistics and information on Alberta's Tourism Destination Regions (TDRs). Contains data on the number of visitors, markets of origin, reasons for trip, expenditures in Alberta, and the purpose of the entire trip. Visitor trends for each TDR are also available.

  • Tourism Research

    Consumer surveys, economic impacts, geographic markets, industry sectors and operator surveys.


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Last reviewed/revised: December 9, 2013